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Why I don’t want to be “fabulous” on Pinterest

Everyone’s talking about Pinterest – it’s the latest and greatest thing to hit social media and the interwebz in a while. There hasn’t been a day that goes by without someone, somewhere, posting a “how to be (insert your favorite word here)” or “what you should be doing” on Pinterest. I was on Pinterest long before it became the craze… Read more →

My Highlights of BlogWorldExpo-LA, Pt 1

I had a “Looney Tunes” start to my trip to Los Angeles for BlogWorldExpo-LA (#BWELA).The zipper broke on my suitcase resulting in me packing a smaller bag leaving behind items I needed (and bringing things I didn’t). I missed my “crack of dawn” flight on Wednesday as a result of being very tired (after the repacking escapade, I didn’t get… Read more →

Big changes ahead…

I thought when I started this blog I would be farther along with it than I am. After less than a year,  it’s not what I had hoped it would be. Call it a lack of attention – I like writing about other things more. I had plans to share new tools I found (and I have a slew of… Read more →

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