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He woke up screaming. The pain medicine does that. Those medicines have changed his sleeping patterns. He talks in his sleep, dreams more vividly, and on occasion, has nightmares. He’s no longer on the hardcore medicines, but he’s still on powerful drugs. It happened out of the blue, but has been brewing for days. The Mr had a huge meltdown… Read more →


Pain, with a drug induced fog. That’s how he’s living now. It’s going to be like this for at least six weeks. I can’t explain how frightened this makes me. Pain is one thing. I can relate to the pain. I can’t relate to the drugs. Hard core narcotics. Those frighten me, but oh my god, they are necessary. Pain… Read more →

Mother Nature is on vacation and the fruit sucks

It’s been an interesting summer season so far. The weather here has been strange. Really, there is not another word for it. As you might recall, I complained alot that it was ridiculous to make fires in the wood stove in mid-June. Of course, we all knew that once the weather finally turned, we would end up cooking. And that’s… Read more →

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