Because I wanted to…

you-dont-need-a-reason-to-help-people-quote-1Last night, the Mr and I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things. We stopped at the store we used to frequent as it was closest to where we were at the time. No biggie.

We grabbed what we needed and headed to the checkout. They don’t have self-checkouts at this store, so we hit a line that had one person in it, and she was checking out. Or trying to.

It seems there was a problem with her card. It wouldn’t work. She tried over and over, but it just wasn’t accepted. The cashier was very nice about this — she mentioned it happens all the time. However, the woman with the card was getting embarrassed. I get it, I’ve had that happen to me in the past (i.e. my card expired and I didn’t realize it). As each attempt failed, she grew more embarrassed.

Finally, in a low voice, I asked the cashier how much her groceries were. When she told me (under $30), I said that I would pay for them. As I moved to the terminal and pulled out my debit card, the woman was getting ready to walk away — without her groceries. In the same low voice, I asked her to wait. She looked at me with surprise and asked why I was doing this. I told her, “because I want to.” She looked ready to cry and thanked me. I paid for her groceries, she thanked me a few more times and left the store.

The cashier said it was a nice thing to do and I just shrugged. For some reason, I became uncomfortable. I didn’t think about what I was doing, I just did it. The Mr, in the meantime, just watched while all of this happened. He looked at me but didn’t say a word. We paid for our groceries and left the store. As we were walking to the car, he asked why I did it. I told him the same thing I said to the woman “because I wanted to.”

I have never done something as spontaneous as this. I do try to help when I can. When we got into the car, I wanted to cry…although I couldn’t tell you why.

I think there’s a difference in wanting to do a random act of kindness and/or pay it forward. Maybe it’s the same thing, I’m really not sure. Or maybe, “because I wanted to,” is all that matters.


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