feel better 12 leapingWe’re just over a week into recovery, and the Mr is progressing. He’s having better days and is going a bit longer between doses of pain medicine during the day. That is a good thing. He’s up more and moving around, he has watched movies and TV shows on his computer, finally has somewhat of an appetite, and he just looks better. I can’t tell you how good that makes me feel. 

I am grateful for the many messages of concern and support that I have received these past few days. They have helped me immensely.

We have a very dear friend, a rehabilitation nurse, who has helped every other day. I feel blessed to have her here. She’s tougher on the Mr than I am, and it has made a huge difference in how he’s doing. She pushes him, where I don’t. He needs that – especially now.  She is coming today (thankfully), and once we’re done with the Mr’s shower, and other things, she is kicking me out of the house (her words) for a few hours. She told me that she didn’t care what I did, but I was NOT staying in the house. So, I’m going grocery shopping, and perhaps to Starbucks to just sit and relax for a minute. Nothing special. Just normal things. I have to say, normal sounds good. It will be nice not to think or worry about the Mr, for just a bit. That sounds horrible, doesn’t it?

I’m still trying to sleep more than a couple of hours at a time. I know eventually this will happen. It’s really hard to sleep when you’re listening with one ear, in case you’re needed. Our sofa (really a love seat) is not conducive to a good nights sleep, and trying to sleep with the Mr, literally has me sleeping on the edge of the bed. Since I’m afraid that I will bump into his leg, we created a buffer of pillows between him and I. That leaves very little room on the bed. I’m ok with that, and so is he. Now, if he would quit talking in his sleep…

We’re making the best of this situation. We don’t have a choice – well we do, but I’d rather make the best of things than have us both be miserable. I’m still struggling with patience, and I’m getting better. As he continues his recovery, it will become more important than ever for me to be patient, and just listen. I’m trying, and that’s all I can do for the moment. Like I tell him when he’s getting up on his crutches to move from the bed to the chair, or to the window because he *just* has to get out of bed, we’re taking baby steps. Lots and lots of baby steps.

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