CrossFit Day 3: Getting the “hang” of things

I can’t stop smiling. Seriously.

It was a wicked Workout of the Day (WOD) and I did it all! Scaled down in reps since I’m still a beginner, I completed the entire WOD as prescribed for me. I smiled the entire drive home.

This is what we did today:

Dynamic warm-up – Five exercises I told you about last week. I have no idea how to explain it. All exercises but one are done on the balls of your feet, while traveling – up and back.

5×3 Hang Snatch with the PVC pipe.

Strange thing about the hang snatch for me. I was overthinking the move and had a hard time completing it in the beginning. It’s one move, but “my brain” kept trying to make it two. The coach put me through a “no think” drill – he called it, I did it. I was finally able to do it in one move. You just can’t think about these moves, you just have to do them. *Lesson learned.*

For time: my rep’s were 21, 15, and 9:

Jump rope with the heavy rope, push-ups, squats and lunges. I completed all of this within the allotted time (yay me!).

WOD: As a beginner, my rep’s were 2x not 3x which is what the rest of the class did:

500 meters x 2 – Rowing.

10 x 2 – Ring pulls or push-up’s. I tried to do the ring pulls with bands. I really did. When I attempted it, I didn’t move. I made a few attempts and resigned myself to doing push-ups instead. I was not happy that I couldn’t do at least one.

10 x 2 – Dead lift with 45#. This is a huge first for me. Not only was it my first time doing a dead lift, but it was the very first time I have ever lifted 45#s! The most I have lifted in class was 25#, so when the coach had me add another 20#s, I was a bit skeptical. Imagine my surprise, when I was able to lift it. Cool beans, huh?

20 x 2 – Kettlebell Snatch 17# (each side). KB snatches are not to be confused with the swing. They are two different moves. I was given the choice of doing the swing or the snatch. Since I have already been working with the KB, I opted for the snatch. It’s a bit harder, but totally worth the effort. The coach had me use the 17# bell. Last week, I could barely get good form with it. Today, I could. Go figure. Another surprise for me.

I completed my 2-sets! I’m still pretty slow and know there is no way I would have finished 3-sets by the time the class was over. Speed will come with time.

I’m still smiling.


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  1 comment for “CrossFit Day 3: Getting the “hang” of things

  1. Katie Swanberg
    March 21, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    Awesome! So proud of you. Crossfit is such an awesome workout and the reason I loved it is because it made me feel powerful and was adaptable to everyone’s fitness level. Looking forward to hearing more about your workouts.

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