The ultimate in irony

With the Mr away every few weeks, we plan a couple of days away to recharge. We plan those days on a Monday and Tuesday since they are typically days that are less crowded. We usually go to a local hotel where we get a lovely room on a high floor, use the spa (sauna or steam), maybe get a spa treatment, eat a good meal or two and just relax. That’s what we’re doing today. Us and every couple in three counties. When I booked the reservation a few weeks ago, I wasn’t thinking of the “day” we would be here, I just booked the “dates.”

Y’all know how much I detest the Hallmark holiday of Valentine’s Day. I’ve written about it, bitched about how the topic was crowding out my timelines, and mentioned a few times, how utterly stupid it is to be forced to show your “love” on a day that isn’t your anniversary (if you’re attached). And don’t get me started on what this does to single people.

So, we get to our room last night and I notice our bed was “turned down,” with rose petals no less and chocolates on the tray perched at the foot of the bed with robe and slippers at the ready. Hmmm, this is new. As many times as we’ve been here (the Mr having VIP status here allows us to visit a bit more often), this was a first. Lovely touch, but I wasn’t thinking about why.

Our day is pretty casual – I’m hitting the fitness center and the sauna, the Mr is taking a steam, and then we’re both getting treatments. We thought, “Why not? We’re here for a couple of days, let’s just enjoy our time and relax.” With that in mind, I ordered breakfast to be delivered to the room at 8:00 a.m. (You know, with that card they leave in your room). We normally don’t order room service, but with the day we’re having (and because I have this newfound thing called hunger), I wanted to be sure we had something to carry us through until the afternoon. They are certainly prompt here and at 8:00a.m., room service showed up. A lovely young lady greet us with “Good Morning,” and then the very next thing that she said was “Happy Valentine’s  Day.”

Damn – I could’ve gone the entire day without hearing that.

Now I get the extra treatment in the room last night, the “couples” special in the Spa and restaurants, and all sorts of couples (young and old) in the hotel.

The irony of all this is not lost on me. I had a good laugh at the karmic joke of “gotcha.” Even when you don’t plan on participating, somehow, someway, you do. There is just no escaping this day. *sigh*

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  2 comments for “The ultimate in irony

  1. Denise
    February 14, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    Don’t really celebrate it either, what you and Mr. do is the best way… To me any way… :)

  2. Katie Swanberg
    February 14, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    The loneliest I’ve ever felt was on Valentine’s Day in past years (especially the ones I spent single). Now that I’m part of a partnership, I’m purposely ignoring the holiday that left me lonely in years past.

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