The things we do for love…

I’m having a severe allergy attack right now. Actually, it’s been going on for awhile. Couple this with the north winds we’ve had this week, and oh boy, I’m a sneezing, coughing mess.

I’m horribly allergic to cats – always have been. Cat’s have not been allowed in the house for that reason. Whenever there’s a new litter of farm kittens, I always handle them to get them used to humans. This helps them stay close to the house and be good mouser’s.  I sneeze, wheeze, and cough every time, but they don’t come in the house. No cat has…until now.

Meet “Princess.” She is one of the farm cats that has parked herself in the Mr’s heart.  She’s “special,” like Kota was.  She was born one week after Kota passed away. She has Kota’s coloring (her siblings are all Tabby’s), mannerisms, and for some strange reason (for which I’m grateful), she has not had one litter of kittens. It’s not for lack of trying on her part either. Her mother doesn’t seem to like her much and she has, on occasion, spent a bit of time in a tree. She also has a habit of disappearing for a week or so at a time. We’re not quite sure where she goes, yet she always comes home. I guess that’s where her compass leads her.

Princess (the Mr gave her that name) has taken a particular shine to me. For the life of me, I don’t understand why.  I’m a dog person – everyone knows that. Apparently, she doesn’t. I tolerate her, but she’s persistent. She nuzzles me, purrs like crazy, and sleeps right next to me on the couch. I’m not happy about the couch thing, but cats are not the same as dogs. They apparently are an independent breed. The word no doesn’t seem to register with her. She has parked herself on one of the red throw pillows on the couch…I call it her throne. Did I mention she’s quite the talker? Seriously, this cat yaks a blue streak!

So, why am I allowing myself to suffer like this? Simple. We’re still not ready to get a dog and the Mr has fallen in love with this beautiful animal. He asks about her almost daily when he’s out of town. “Is Princess around?” or  “Do you think she’ll come back?” You can almost hear the relief in his voice when I tell him, “yes, she’s back.” I don’t have the heart to keep her outside all the time as I’m afraid she’ll disappear and never return. I do it for the Mr…really.

Funny the things we do for love…the medicine chest is now well stocked with antihistamines, the kleenex box is close by, and Princess is comfortably perched on her throne.


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  1. Denise
    December 4, 2011 at 10:10 am

    The love you have for your Mr., as well as for Princess, shines, through ! I’ve too have lost beloved animals & know they can’t be replaced. Paula is right about another dog or puppy adding a light to lives. Seems its about 6 months between for me. Don’t like coming home to a empty house.
    Denver is between 11 & 13, I don’t know for sure because she adopted me at the Human Society in 2003. Vet thought she was 4 to 6 then. Right now she still has her spirit even with the large dog & female age issues.
    Maybe just a check see at the local shelters would help you determine readiness. You will get another dog when your ready.

  2. December 4, 2011 at 5:22 am

    Oh, Sherree! This is heartbreakingly achingly sweet and wonderful! What a beautiful post.

    At the risk of sounding pushy (hell, I am…why not admit it…) I think getting a dog will soon be the right thing to do.

    I know why you’re not ready, and I’ve been in the same position. But finally I missed my dogs so much that I felt—they wanted me to get another.

    To give a home to a rescue dog who wouldn’t have a life if we didn’t take him/her. And do you know what? She could never replace The Girls, Lucy and Rascal. Never.

    But—she lightened my heart, she made Farmer Bob happier, and she’s a shining little light in our lives. The Girls are still gone. But they gave us our new little girl. I KNOW this.

    We’re less lonely for them. We know they grew old and had to go. And we know now that a young, new and lively pup provide us with another dog to love.

    Everyone is happier, and less sad. And I truly believe that The Girls told me when the time was right to fill our hearts with another girl to love. I kiss their pictures every night, I send them my love, and I miss them.

    But life goes on. And then I lean in to Tipsy and she cuddles into my side, content and happy…and life goes on.

    Just as it will when I’m gone, when Bob is gone, even when you are gone. That’s inevitable. But we should only grieve for so long, because life is still infinitely precious, just as their lives were.

    And I truly believe that I honored them, I proved the importance of their lives—

    By moving on, and saving another puppy. She was from a puppy mill, and now she is a happy and beloved creature who plays a huge role in our lives.

    And that can’t be all bad. I hope you consider it, Sherree. You’ll be amazed how it rejuvenates your loving heart.

    I love you. :) xoxo

  3. December 4, 2011 at 2:12 am

    I am up right now after coughing and wheezing while trying to sleep! Those darn north winds… I am of firm belief that animals have an interesting six-sense when it comes to people and what they need. And yes, the things we do for love! You are a wonderful person to suffer at the Mr’s love for a cat.

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