What inspires you?

It’s 3:30 in the morning (yes, I should be sleeping), and I’m wide awake.  The only light on is behind me in the kitchen. The house is quiet and so is the farm. The day will start in earnest in another hour or so – the animals will start waking up and the sun will rise. I’ve been catching up on reading the news and my favorite non-business related blogs. 

The early morning quiet inspires me to write. Not necessarily a story, but whatever comes to mind. The quiet inspires me to be creative. It makes me look and find inspiration from all sorts of places.

Yesterday, I came across the inspiring story of Diana Nyad. Diana is 61 years old and a long distance, in the ocean, swimmer. She was attempting to swim 103 miles from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. She started this part of her journey Sunday at dusk. While I know she was pursuing this swim for herself, she also wanted to inspire women (and men, of all ages) to live an active life. She said, “I’m almost 62 years old…. I’m standing here at the prime of my life; I think this is the prime, when one reaches this age. You still have a body that’s strong, but now you have a better mind.”

She wanted to inspire people to “reach beyond their grasp” and be courageous to take a risk, for the first time or maybe again. This was her “again.” The first time she attempted this was in 1978. She was blown horribly off-course in her first attempt and no amount of course correction would have allowed her to complete her goal.

Early this morning, almost half-way and 29 hours into her goal, Diana called the swim off. They had gone off course (not as much as her first attempt) and she was sick. It was her decision. Of course, she wanted to complete this — her 2nd attempt and yes, she is disappointed.

She doesn’t look at this as a failure. She looks at this as success. Why? It was always about the attempt, it was about inspiring others to reach further, and the courage to try. The fact is – she tried. To me, that is priceless.

I believe she was successful. Her journey to today grabbed people’s’ attention world-wide. She has inspired not only her age group, but all age groups with her journey. She has asked us to be courageous and to take a risk, to try.

I know she has inspired me to “reach beyond my grasp” …to take a risk with my writing. After all, it starts with the attempt , doesn’t it? If we don’t try, we never know what we may do and whom we may inspire along the way.

Thank you Diana for inspiring me and others with your courage and your journey.

What inspires you to “reach beyond your grasp?”

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  1. August 10, 2011 at 7:07 am

    Nice work Sherree. It occurs to me that it’s not just courage that drove Diana forward, but also caring. Courage to do is always driven by our passions; in Diana’s case, it was a passion to help others reach their potential that gave her the courage to risk her life.

    Everyone dies, not everyone lives ~Drake

    I find it inspiring when ordinary people let go of their personal agendas and make a stand for others. It restores my faith in humanity.

    Don F Perkins

  2. August 9, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    An important post Sherree!
    People who are inspired do amazing things and change the world, usually one baby step at a time. I also was inspired by Diana as she attempted to prevail a second time. It really IS about the effort, the intention.

    Another recent story that inspires me is the NBC coverage of Amanda Lindhout who returned to Somalia to feed the hungry after being kidnapped in 2008 and abused for 15 months by young thugs.

    The fact that about 30,000 young children have died from hunger each of the last three months should inspire individuals and nations everywhere on our Planet, to do what needs to be done to assist with food, medical supplies, and even alternative fuels since wood is scarce and millions of lives are in peril. Thanks for reminding us that the power of one can inspire millions. EdC

  3. August 9, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    There is success in the courage to try is priceless, what a great way to put it. Even if we miss our goal, there is always success in the path we take to pursue our dreams. We should always strive to reach higher, go further and never give up on our pursuit of our goals. Diana’s story is truly one for all ages, she gave many lesson in her swim. No matter the age, you can never stop reaching for your goals.

  4. dragonblogger
    August 9, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    I try to find inspiration in many things, my wife and kids are inspiration in my daily life and help inspire me to try harder and do right by the family. Other bloggers or websites inspire me to make my own site better and try harder. Literally anything can inspire me to form a poem or craft one.

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