The #Rapture is Coming!

In honor of the Rapture that is happening tomorrow May 21 2011, I thought I would get this last post out. You know, just in case.

Rather than wax poetically on the fact that my “Bucket List” isn’t close to being finished, I thought I would share with you things I have found in the past couple of days that might amuse you (as they did me). You can thank me Sunday.

If you want to do research on the Rapture, check out Google – there is a ton of information here.

The CDC (yes, really) would like you to be ready for the #Zombie Apocalypse that will occur after the Rapture.

The Mr & I had a brief text exchange about the Rapture yesterday. We were in the midst of making travel plans for the weekend:

Me: ” You know the end of the world is Saturday.”
The Mr : “Yeah I heard. I’m really upset, I had big plans for this summer”

People on Twitter have become quite creative (and funny) with their tweets. For a great pick-me-up, do a search on the hashtag #Rapture. There are funny people all over the world. A couple that made me chortle.

@Beyond_I_Do’s tweet has made the rounds through my followers. It apparently touched the funny bone of a few of my twitter friends. I know it made me laugh out loud – a few times.

I leave you with a couple of music videos for your listening pleasure.

Cartoon credits:

(1) Cantabrigia Blog
2) Under the Mountain Bunker Blog

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