Placer SPCA – You’ve disappointed us for the last time

We haven’t had much luck with the Placer SPCA over the years. For some reason, they really don’t want one of their dogs to come live with us. I can’t imagine why, but that’s how it seems. Last weekend was the icing on the cake.

We have attempted to adopt a dog twice through the Placer SPCA. Years ago we went to them because we know there are plenty of fabulous dogs that need good homes and that we don’t need to get our dog’s from pet stores or horrible breeders. We try to do the responsible thing. I can’t do animal shelters anymore – I end up crying my eyes out all the way home, because we can’t take them all with us.

Strike One

The first time we spent hours looking/playing/bonding with a dog (even brought our dog with us and they bonded as well), only to be told when we were getting ready to leave that “oops, that dog was actually reserved by someone else.” Really and no one thought to tell us that hours before? We never received an apology for that, just a bunch of grandstanding and hooey. Strike one.

Strike Two

We then put ourselves on a list to be notified if any Malamute’s came in. We waited a long time for a call. We finally received a call that a Malamute had come in and they asked if we were still interested. We said we were and off we went. By the time we arrived (no more than an hour); they told us the Malamute was no longer available.  It was explained that the “Director” of the Placer SPCA (at the time) had taken the dog, and always took the Malamute’s. I’m serious, that’s what they said. Again, no apology was given, just an “oh well, type of thing.” I called it bullshit then and still feel that way. Strike two.

Strike Three, You’re Out

All of this brings us to last weekend. The Mr & I went to the Berry Fest (small town sort of fair) and noticed the Placer SPCA was there. Now, I’m not even close to consider adopting a dog…I’m grieving for and miss Shasta like crazy. However, since we love dogs, we wanted to see what they brought with them. They had three. One of them interested the Mr.

At the time we saw the dog, she was finishing up a walk with a volunteer.  When they finally made it to the trailer, we were able to take a close up look at Lala. She was a sweetie and had the loveliest face. She is a Golden Retriever/Chow Mix. Not quite the mix I would look for (not a huge Chow fan, even if she is a mixed breed), but there is plenty of Golden Retriever in her to bypass the Chow part. She was a bit shy (expected around strangers and from being around a bazillion kids at this fair), but otherwise friendly.

When we asked if we could approach her, the most interesting thing happened. The volunteer wouldn’t let her come to us. The gentleman in charge asked her (volunteer) to let the leash out, so Lala could approach us. As soon as Lala got within kissing distance to the Mr, the volunteer pulled her back. That was totally unexpected.

I then asked the volunteer outright just how much time she spent with Lala as it seemed that she was quite bonded to the dog. The volunteer proceeded to explain that she walked Lala regularly, taught her tricks, took care of her when she was volunteering, etc. In short, while she apparently was not in a place to adopt this dog, she was as bonded to the dog as the dog was to her and she wasn’t letting her go…to anyone.

We looked at her rather incredulously then to the gentleman in charge, got up and walked away…in disgust, yet again.  I called bullshit again and for the last time. Strike three…you’re out.

It saddens me that an organization that should do good things (and typically does) just doesn’t get that every time they pull something like this (on anyone), that they hurt the animals more than anything. It begs the question of why I should continue to support them financially (fundraisers, events, etc.). I’m certainly not a million dollar donor, but I have supported them as my budget has allowed over the past twenty years.

Call me selfish but I won’t support the Placer SPCA again – in anything that they do. They won’t miss my support, but one of their dogs might miss an opportunity to have a new home. That bothers me more than anything.

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  1. June 8, 2011 at 1:06 am

    I used to volunteer at out local Humane Society–both walking dogs and helping at adoption events. I was very good at marketing our dogs and finding potential owners, but everyone would get rejected, sometimes for silly reasons. My mom tried to adopt several times and was turned off by the gruff process. Sadly, we won’t go there again. There are many other great shelters to choose from in our area.

  2. May 16, 2011 at 6:57 pm

    I also have stories about sheltering organizations and local adoption centers like the SPCA. I tried to volunteer for the Sac SPCA and apparently they don’t want or need my help. Like you, I’ll support other endeavors. Sorry to hear about your experiences.

  3. Sandra March
    May 15, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    I hate to say it, but everything you’ve written doesn’t surprise me. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I wanted to foster a GSD with one organization a while ago, they came and did a home visit, and because Elsa is allowed on the furniture, they turned me down. Me, the one who loves animals more than people and who would lay down my life for an animal.

    I’ve also had issues with our local Humane Society. They are never professional when I go there. I support them solely for the animals, not the staff.

    I’m sorry you are grieving for Shasta. Your next dog will present itself when it’s time, and nothing will stop the three of you from becoming a family.

    Hugs, my friend.

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