The Groundhog lied

I have been remiss in writing lately. I have been in reading and research mode as there are big changes coming in my life. Quite exciting really. I haven’t felt this invigorated in eons.  That will be an entirely different post.

The Groundhog lied. This is what he said in February. Technically, it’s Spring. Technically. Not here though.

As I write this, we are preparing for yet another storm. Seriously, we have had so much rain this winter, it’s ridiculous. This winter will go down as the one we burned the most wood as well – it’s been that kind of season. This past week alone, we’ve had two storms that included winds of up to 70 mph. Yes, that’s seventy miles per hour. Thrilled the barn (my house) is still standing. The Sierra’s received over 100 inches of snow…this week (and that doesn’t include yesterday’s storm). Seriously, we’ve really had enough.

This past week, we had a thunder and lightning storm that had me trapped in the car in my driveway. I was taking a picture from my car with my phone, when the lightning started. Up went the window and there I was with a raging, wild storm directly over me.

It's closer than I thought

I live tweeted the storm from my car, sitting in my driveway! Truth be told, when it seemed there was enough of a break that I could dash to the house, I ran, truly terrified. I was surrounded by metal and was afraid I would get hit by lightning. Once I got in the house, the hail started. Pea sized hail just rained down.

It's Hailing
Another view of the hail

By the time the hail storm passed, the front porch was covered. The skies remained ominously black.

Looks like snow on the front porch

At this time of year, we would be enjoying 70 degree temps. I would be airing the house out and doing my spring cleaning. The Mr would be cutting the grass, trimming by the porch and doing spring chores on the farm. We can’t, everything’s wet and muddy. I’ve grown webbed feet and pretty soon I’ll be quacking.  The creek is raging (probably blew its banks, but I can’t get down to look as it’s too muddy).

We have three more days of rain on tap. Rumor has it, the sun will be out next week.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

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