A call from the past…

via Twitter. It was the strangest thing really.  I was going through my follower list this weekend as I always do (I don’t auto-follow so I go through and add people who I may have missed) … and noticed somewhere in the top third, the twitter egg and a strange name.  Then I saw the “real” name and noticed this person had tweeted twice – both times to me.

I did a double, then triple take. Then I got a sinking, burning feeling in the pit of my stomach. My radar was up – I hadn’t heard from this person in many years. My choice – reasons don’t matter. All I could think of was “what did this person want?”

Out of the blue, just like that, this person wanted to know that I was ok. All that person had to do was look at my twitter account and my end of the timeline;  he/she would know, I’m just fine. I thought it was a brazen and brave thing that he/she did considering our history. I was nonplussed by this whole thing, but resolute in not wanting to speak to this person.

The point about all of this was that I had forgotten that we really are “out” there when we use some sort of social media, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or the myriad of programs out there. If someone wanted to find you, and are persistent enough, they will.

I’m sure this person had help in trying to find me, I’m not the easiest person to track down. I don’t always use my whole name and the spelling of my first name is very unique.

I commented about this to  the Mr (he was just as surprised) and even discussed this with a twitter friend.  Admittedly, just seeing that person’s name in my timeline did not make me happy.

In the end, I blocked this person and he/she unfollowed me. End of that story, but it will be tucked in the back of my mind how “out” there I am; even when I use a different name.

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