She’s Moving

One of my dearest friends is moving back to the Bay Area this week.  In theory, she never really left. She moved up to the Foothills because her husband had moved here (work related).  She and her daughters moved here a year later.  She called it moving to the “wilderness.” She missed the hustle and bustle of the City with its abundance of restaurants, shops, people. She missed the larger paycheck.  She missed everything the City was and the Foothills would never be.  She made it 2 years — she never could get comfortable here.  It just wasn’t “her.”

We met on the train and became instant, fast friends.  I remember telling her about the farm – about living in a converted barn, having acreage, animals, etc. One of the first things she asked was if we had “indoor plumbing.” She asked that and was serious. Of course, after I pulled my chin up from the floor, I fell over in hysterical laughter.  She was innocent like that, but she is also one of the wisest women I know.  She is metaphysical and is my spiritual mentor.  She is the one that pushed me to take charge of my health, to change doctors, to get my Vitamin D levels checked, she introduced me to spinning (the right way as I always slid off the seat), taught me to meditate and lose the “monkey” brain. She has given me so much with her friendship.

She always escaped to the City at the drop of a hat. She said she would go back as soon as she could. She never really left and this week, she will be back where she belongs, permanently.  She’s moving and I will miss her daily presence in my life terribly.

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  1. August 12, 2010 at 11:30 pm

    I really enjoyed reading this post. We all miss friends when they move away. Hope that you soon find another friend.

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