Pigs flew and hell froze over

Yes, pigs flew and hell froze over, as my husband joined the 21st Century this weekend by declaring he wanted to get either an iPad or a MacBook.

My husband is computer illiterate.  He has steadfastly refused to use a computer (any computer), but has no compunction in asking me to look things up or send (or receive) an email for him.  Seriously, the dude doesn’t even have an email address! He is probably one of the few remaining people on this planet that does not know how to use a computer…well, until the past few months anyway.

He has worked out-of-town for a long time.  In that time, he has a friend who works for him that is quite computer literate.  I asked this person months ago, to teach my husband how to use the computer.  He has a Mac and he’s been teaching my husband how to use it.  Unfortunately, I have a PC and my husband can’t figure out anything on it.  To be fair, I have no clue about how to use a Mac (although I’m willing to learn).

Now, my husband really doesn’t need a “hot-rod” computer like my PC laptop.  He needs access to internet, books, photo’s and music.  Sounds like he’s a perfect candidate for the iPad, wouldn’t you think?

Off we went to the Apple Store this weekend.  Us and about 100 other folks!  The place was packed, but there were spots available at the iPad station and that’s where we parked ourselves.  Interesting piece of technology that iPad.  It does a lot (love the bookshelf app), but it’s not a computer.  It looks like an oversized iPhone actually! After playing with the iPad a while, we meandered over to the MacBooks as he wanted to compare one against the other (which you really can’t). Again, another interesting piece of technology (to this well-worn PC user) – I love how it turns on right when you open it. I have no clue how to use it – on the other hand, the husband knew exactly how to use it – how’s that for a twist of things. He was intrigued, but kept going back to the simplicity of the iPad.

After a bit of back and forth (well, a lot of back and forth), the husband is now on the waiting list for an iPad (there is a minimum 2-3 week wait) with 3G access (I can’t believe he’ll be surfing the internet by himself!).

He’s not quite ready to commit to a computer – Mac or PC.  In the meantime, I will continue to look things up for him.  He did say I could “use” the iPad anytime he wasn’t.  I think pigs will have to fly or hell will need to freeze over again for that to happen.

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