It’s all his fault!

I’ve had quite the day, which actually started last night.  We picked up the iPad, close to closing time which is 9 p.m.  We scrambled to Starbucks (which was closed) and sat outside the dark, empty coffee-house signing up for the 3G service, got it done and went home. It’s now after 10 p.m.

Once we got home, we couldn’t get the damn thing connected to the 3G network.  I tried for an hour, getting more frustrated and grumpy (it was way past my bedtime by this time). We just couldn’t get connected.   I told him I would go online at the office first thing and get the information we needed to get connected.  I went to bed. It is after 11 p.m.

I went to work this morning.  Logged into the network and clicked on  I went to the iPad section and clicked on “learn more about 3G”…Instead of learning anything, I was hit with a virus.  It was a vicious virus — porn sites popping up all over… With regards to the iPad – it turns out all we needed to do was turn the damn thing off and back on again…his iPad works just fine and my computer is toast for now.

This afternoon, I sent an email to my counterpart in our San Francisco office. I was venting as she knew what had happened this morning.  It was just too funny not to share.
Hi there…

My day thus far —

• My computer, after running the fix-it programs 4 times is quite ill – “R” (our fab IT Mgr in SF),  is now on his way up here to help, after I spent over 4.5 hours trying to fix it.

• I’m using MS Web Access for my email and hate that I have to search through everything to find something from Friday and I have to “search” for email addresses if I don’t want to long form it. (wah wah wah)

• I’ve been working on a task outline/budget (very long and involved) and every time I tried to import a spreadsheet with figures, I got 200 columns instead of the 6 I actually needed (it must be the wide-screen monitor – feels compelled to be filled up due to the width, I guess.  Kind of like those big purses I have, but don’t use.  I feel compelled to fill them up as well).

• I then proceeded to dump a large, full glass of water all over said outline/budget that I was working on, once I printed it out, and

• I’m sitting at a computer that I can’t find anything on, because no one uses it, but the occasional guest, so there are no programs or such .

All of the above happened because my husband bought an iPad last night and we couldn’t get it to connect to the 3G network.   Seriously. All I wanted to do was get info from to troubleshoot the 3G problem.

Is it time for cocktails yet?


By the way, when I left the office at 5:15 to catch my train, my computer was still toast.

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