Want a little broccoli with that pizza?

I made pizza for dinner last night.  After my adventure to Whole Foods, I was having pizza.  Problem was, whilst I had the crust, sauce and cheese, I forgot about the important part — the toppings!  Seriously, I could have had a cheese pizza, but nope, I needed some kind of topping. After looking thru my refrigerator about 15 times ( of course, I could’ve stopped after the 1st look) there was nothing. No mushrooms, no peppers, nothing.  Having gone to Whole Foods and the Farmers Market, I wondered – what the hell did I buy?

I was procrastinating about another trip into town and I was hungry.  I finally pulled a bag of broccoli from the freezer (it also had cauliflower in it, but I draw the line there) and let it thaw whilst preparing the rest.

I bought gluten free pizza crusts (Udi’s Gluten Free), organic fire roasted tomatos w/roasted garlic and real mozzarella cheese.  Now it was time to put the pizza together. So I did.  Here’s what I ended up with:

Yep – too much cheese and broccoli on my first pizza in years.  Doesn’t matter – it was delicious.  I had 2 slices last night and today ate cold pizza for breakfast/brunch.  Totally worth it, totally awesome.

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