Photo’s of some new additions to the Farm

Our Mama cat had 5 babies the week before Tax Day (April 15th).  We (that would be Mama, the Mr and myself) have been taking good care of them.  Mama moved them 3 times, we moved them once.  This is in contrast to last year, when Mama was way too young and had 4 babies out in a field in the pouring rain.  The Mr & I collected the babies with Mama and put them in the garage in the crate.  Sadly, only one survived — she disappeared a few months later.  This year we’re batting 100 and everyone is doing well.

Normally, we spay/neuter our feral cats and bring them back to the farm.  We need more than one cat – we have “critters” on our 10 acres.  Some years we have a bonanza of critters, other years not much. We rely on the cats to do their part (catching said critters) and I feed them, talk to them, hold them and become attached to them.  The coyotes and mountain lions like them too.  Raccoons and wild turkeys, not so much.

The babies are at that age where everything is an adventure. They are a joy to watch. So far, I have pictures of 3 of them – the other 2 are a bit shy.  I’m trying.

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