Neurotic Weather

It’s almost the end of May.  We should  be enjoying 80+ degree weather, sandals, shorts and backyard BBQ’s.  We are instead, schlepping firewood into the house (for the wood stove) because the temp’s at night are in the low 40’s.  We are wearing sweats and socks in the evening, long pants and jackets during the day and I have had to pull my winter clothes out of the back of the closet to wear. We pulled out the crock pot to make winter-like meals.

My garden is toast, but the roses are looking fabulous.  Mama cat has moved her babies back to the crate in the garage and we haven’t seen one baby turkey yet.

Yep, the weather is being neurotic – we’ve had sunny hot days (just a couple), rain, wind, lots of hail and just outright cold days/nights.  This is not a typical weather pattern for us – even here in Northern California.  The sun is out now and it’s windy, but it’s not feeling especially warm. It is going to rain 4 out of 7 days next week. I think one day will be in the low 70’s – the rest in the 60’s somewhere.  The Mr is already bitching and moaning about next weeks weather — he’s not a fan of cold weather and was looking forward to some warm weather.

Want to bet that we won’t gradually ease ourselves up to 80+ degrees, but we will go straight from 60 degrees to 100 degrees in no time? I don’t make bets I can’t win.

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  1. May 24, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    yes, it has been awful weird here as well. i didn’t write a post because it only infuriates me further. i die without the sun as it is and then cold in May–end of May–in southern California! what will it take for people to realize that there is still something we can do or try! We are killing the climate and so not slowly.

    thanks for posting this.


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