Eureka! The Best Gluten Free bread

On a more positive note (!), I have to tell about a gluten free bread that I discovered at the co-op the other day.

I am a bread person snob. Seriously. Freshly baked artisan bread, fresh sourdough in San Francisco, a good hearty whole grain, (yum) has me wanting to eat it before I get home or even out of the store (not that I’ve done that before).  That’s the way it used to be anyway — years ago, when dirt was new and dinosaurs roamed the earth. I love it and miss it horribly.

Being gluten free has its obstacles.  For me, being a bread person, that’s the biggest one of all.  I have tried umpteen different types of gluten free bread and they’ve all left me less than impressed (to be kind). Until now.

At the co-op  I asked about gluten free bread and was initially directed to the frozen case (damn).  I’ve had that bread and honestly, it’s not bread.  It’s a 2 pound brick of an “unreasonable facsimile” of bread with a strange texture and an even stranger aftertaste. I always feel like I have to brush my teeth after eating it.  You always have to toast it as eating it as is, is…yeah, no words for this.

Having decided that the frozen brick of “bread” was not going into my basket, I continued my jaunt around the bread aisle (hey, a girl can dream).    Then I saw it (barely), on a shelf high above my head.  Two different types of gluten free bread by the same maker – Udi’s gluten free .  A white bread and a whole grain bread.  Both looking like “real” bread from the bread aisle.  The first thing I noticed as I picked up the whole grain bread was that it was “light.” OMG, it doesn’t feel like a brick!  Reading the package gave me further joy — “this bread does not need to be microwaved or toasted” to taste good! Really? I can it eat just like it is? No way.  The gentleman at the Deli Counter and the checkout person both said that it was a very popular bread and people just loved it.  Well, snob that I am, I had to buy a loaf and take it home.

Very long story short – I toasted up a couple of slices (old habits) and put just a smidge of butter on them.  Before I even tried it, I gave a taste to the Mr.  He is not gluten free, he can eat whatever he wants.  I like to test things on him – he’s brutally honest. First words out of his mouth – “this would be great on a BLT.”  No lie. The man liked it.  I ate the rest…delicious.

My first sandwich in years

Yesterday, I made an egg salad sandwich.  A real sandwich. I did not toast the bread. I was in heaven.  It was fabulous.  The bread tasted like a good whole grain should — soft, great flavor & texture (just enough crunch) and it held up fabulously (even though I overloaded the sandwich with the egg salad and lettuce).  It tasted like a good bread should,  it was satisfying and it did not have that funky aftertaste.  Delicious.

If you’re gluten free, you must go here: Udi’s gluten free.  I noticed that they have other gluten free “goodies” (pizza dough, bagels, etc) that I don’t recall initially seeing (being blinded by the bread) that I plan on trying as well.

I am doing the happy dance here… thank you Udi’s Gluten Free — finally, a company that understands gluten free doesn’t mean taste/texture free!

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