The Best Time

I started this on my Blackberry whilst on the train heading back to my office in Sacramento.  What I should have done is go home to bed~

My trip to San Francisco was fabulous.  My classes went well (one more via remote access tomorrow) and I got to experience great food, drinks and lovely company.  My gf and I went out last night (yes again).

She took me to Belden Place (alley?) just down the street from our San Francisco office.  The coolest idea and the best use of “dead” space I’ve seen.  Restaurants that back up to an alley have tables, heat lamps and covers set up so you can dine basically al fresco – in the alley.  Brilliant.  You peruse each restaurants’ menu (I believe there are 5 or 6 restaurants) ranging from American Comfort Food to French to Spanish, etc., and when you decide what you’d like, you sit at one of their tables.

We settled on a french restaurant and we were not disappointed.  Service was outstanding, drinks were fabulous and the food…the food was absolutely gorgeous.  We sat there and drank, ate, and talked a blue streak.  It was fabulous.  I have to laugh though.  For the first time in my life, my drinks cost more than my dinner (and dinner was “prix fixe”). I had 2 cocktails and 3 espressos (don’t ask).   I totally paid a small fortune last night and enjoyed every drop and morsel.

So I’m thinking, maybe I could get used to living in the “city” after all.  The food and drink alone would be worth it – expensive definitely, but oh so worth it.  I cannot wait to go back and try something else.

I had the absolute best time – again, living in the moment and trying new things.  Before Sunday, I had never flagged a taxi from the curb,  I didn’t censor what I ate or drank (like I normally would), I smiled at people around me (really threw some people off), for once I didn’t have to ask for directions (big woo hoo there) and I seem to have dealt with the noise issue just fine.  I could see myself becoming a part of the City and I was  enjoying it!

Imagine that.

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