Blogging, what’s your niche?

When I started blogging, I originally thought it would be random musings of whatever grabbed me on a day to day basis. Can’t say that’s working out all that well. I just don’t post as often as I thought that I would. Leaving it to chance (whatever grabs me) is not working considering my last post was just after Christmas.

I’ve posted on things that are relevant to me, or have affected me in some way, but let’s be honest, what’s important to me most likely means absolutely zip to anyone else. My entries seem more like journal entries than anything else and that’s not what I wanted to do.

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of learning about new bloggers/blogs via twitter friends, by just searching around Google Blogs and from friends. I have learned alot about people, places, food, politics, health issues, etc. There are blogs for everything. I have also noticed that most of these blogs have a niche, a specific subject or theme to them. They have a point of view. That niche is what makes that particular blog readable and enjoyable. Usually, a particular “niched” (is that a word) blog will have links to more blogs just like it or awesome sites that I would never have known about and on it goes. I want to blog like these people. I want a blog that is inviting, readable and makes someone want to come back to see what’s new the next day or would invite someone to click on a link that I might send out via Twitter.

So, how does one become a “niched” blogger? I am not a leader or expert in a specific field, I have not had a life-changing experience, I am not a “mom” so I can’t be a “mommy” blogger, (I’ve read some of the most incredible blogs by Mom’s of all ages, so that was not a put-down). I’m not employed in the entertainment field so that’s out, I have nothing to sell, I’m not a political pundit, I don’t review products, it’s just me. Surely there is a niche that I fall into – somewhere? What am I missing? What am I not doing? What should I do?

I’ve been writing practically my entire life. I’m adept at putting thoughts together and having those thoughts make sense. I have social media skills (still a bit shy with Twitter, but I’m getting there), so why can’t I figure out a blogging niche for me? Do I want to be “known?” Well, kind of sorta, not really. I’d like to be known amongst a circle of people that find my writings interesting — the rest of the world, probably not.

I need to find my niche…now, what’s it going to be? Anyone?

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