Christmas, a bag of charcoal and zombies

Yippee — Christmas is over.  No more being inundated with decorations, holiday music, and the myriad of other things that we get bombarded with for months on end.  Yep, I’ve become a Scrooge. A full fledged, card-carrying Scrooge. I absolutely rejoice when the hoopla is finished.  It’s not fun anymore.

This year, hubby and I were going to go away for the holiday weekend, do something different.  Oh we did something different alright…we just didn’t get away!  We “bought” an early Christmas present a month ago, which I’ve been looking at daily since.  We decided to do stocking stuffers instead.  Ha!

Whilst I kept to that premise, hubby didn’t.  The dude has ‘guy humor’ as a fellow blogger called it.  He has been promising me a ‘lump of coal’ in my stocking for weeks.  Well, charcoal briquets actually since coal is not available around here.  Ok, it was funny the first few times he said it…it was starting to hurt my feelings around the 100th time or so. 

So, after stuffing as much stuff into the biggest stocking I could purchase (our normal stockings are packed away somewhere in a place I wouldn’t forget…ahem…), I put it away for Christmas morning.  I waited patiently for him to come down on Christmas morning to be oh so surprised at the thoughtful, but fun things I got him.  So, he finally comes down, gets his coffee and asks me if I want my lump of coal (yet again).  At this point, it’s come on dude, let’s get it over with.  So he goes upstairs and I hear all this racket.  I can’t imagine what he’s doing, but I’m waiting.

So here he comes — holding a bag of charcoal briquets with the stocking plastered on top of it, all wrapped in caution tape. (ingenious wrapping method, isn’t it?)  He’s laughing and I started to cry.  Dude, you have positively hurt my feelings more than you know, I tell him.  He said it was a joke — but frankly, after hearing about his “coal plan” for the past few weeks, it just wasn’t funny anymore.  I told him that.  He was telling me (in a guy humor way) that I was bad this year (that’s what I said to him).  Gee thanks dear. Love you too.

So then he dashes back upstairs and the racket commences once again.  Now what, I’m thinking?  What could he possibly be doing up there.  Down he somes with yet another package, wrapped in brown paper with more caution tape (gotta love the wrapping methods!).  Dear, this is not a stocking present, like mine.  He said he couldn’t fit it into the stocking without me knowing what it was right away.  Besides he says, did you really think the bag of charcoal was truly what your present was going to be?  Seriously?  I told him well yes, I did.  Oh?   Well, this should tell you I was kidding, really, truly kidding.  Hmmmm….

I opened his package and inside was something I really wanted (and almost bought myself this week for a Christmas present)…a Wii. Yep kids, this gal got a Wii. I am a serious Nintendo fan – have been from the beginning.  Love Super Mario!! I have a Nintendo DS – fabulous when I’m on the train to San Francisco and I don’t feel like working.  I have brain games and fun games.  I digress.  I’ve wanted a Wii since they first came out, but didn’t want to spend all that money to get one.  Let’s not forget that you couldn’t get one the first couple of years they came out as well — sold out in minutes long before the holidays even arrived.  I figured (correctly it seemed) eventually the price would come down and they would be more accessible.

Well, we rented a game on Christmas Day, played it for hours and I haven’t gotten a chance to play it since.  Why you ask?  Well, hubby bought himself a game based on a series of movies that he likes (I was supposed to play it with him, but I’m just not into killing zombies) and I haven’t been able to get near the darn thing since.  No kidding — I went to bed last night early as I wasn’t feeling well.  He was playing.  I woke up at 5:00a.m.. AND HE WAS STILL PLAYING!  I literally had to get him to stop and come to bed.  He’s back at it this evening (I’m just going to play for a little bit, he tells me about 4 hours ago) and I’m sitting at the dining room table writing.  I rented the new Super Mario game and haven’t played it yet.  Good thing I have it for a week (it’s all sold out in the stores).  Here I thought I was going to be the one who would be up all night playing.  Technically, he bought the Wii for me, but he’s the one who’s hooked.  He’s going to be killing zombies till the cows come home and I’m going to be hopping over mushrooms and jumping for coins…maybe, someday.

Wonder who’s going to get the bag of charcoal next Christmas? Gotta love it, don’t you.

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