To help a stranger

You know, I’m not one who will blithely help someone I don’t know. I will help those in my family without thinking twice, I will help my friends and co-workers right now. Strangers? Not so much. Maybe I’m cynical, jaded or think there’s an ulterior motive to a request. Dunno, it’s just not something I do. Until today. Today, someone was in pain, I heard her voice (written) and I offered her comfort and whatever I could, the best I could. She didn’t ask for anything, I offered. I don’t know her.

I have blogger friends that I’ve been fortunate to find (or I’ve been found by them) that once in a while will ask their followers to read another persons blog or click on a website. I do, I read, I may comment back to the original blogger. I never leave comments on other peoples blogs that I’m pointed to – they don’t know me, I’m not a regular follower, it’s not comfortable most of the times. Today I left a comment. Today I reached out to someone I don’t know, a perfect stranger, because the pain she was feeling touched me deeply. I haven’t walked in her shoes, I am not in the straits she has found herself in, yet I reached out to her. I offered comfort and anything else I could, because I felt she needed it.

Her voice broke my heart and me, a stranger, wanted nothing more than to provide some sort of comfort to her – someone I don’t know, will most likely never know except through her writings.

All day I have wondered why I have done this — strayed from my comfortable existence, my life that is so predictable (well, as predictable as things can be nowadays). I have read other peoples writings, I have laughed, I have been touched, but I have never put myself out there in such a way. I offered myself in a way I have done for family and friends, never for a stranger. Not like this. I am confused, yet grateful. At times today I wanted to cry about this person. I’m really not sure why I feel this way. All I know is that I do and that I will keep my word and provide comfort and help to this person. She really has no idea of the impact she made on my life today. There is a reason for how I’m feeling. I can’t put my finger on it, not yet. I hope I hear the answer.

Thank you Supa.

  2 comments for “To help a stranger

  1. Supa Dupa Fresh
    November 3, 2009 at 10:55 am

    I for one very much appreciate you doing it! It is strange, isn't it, how sometimes one thing just hits. right. there.But I am loving this global world of ours.Thanks for sharing it!XSupa

  2. tippytoe foxtrot
    October 23, 2009 at 10:30 am

    Funny how you can be compelled to reach out suddenly, isn't it?

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