The “Eyes” have it…

One of things I dislike about growing older is the fact that whilst I’m trying to keep my body youthful (through good eating and exercise), my eyes insist on aging. Fact – your eyes start changing at 40. Hmmm, mine seem to be changing almost daily it seems.

I’m farsighted – I can see quite the distance. On the other hand, ask me to look at something close up and I’ll ask you to hold it in the next county so I can see it. After all, my arms are only so long! I wear glasses for reading and computer use only. I don’t wear distance glasses…yet.

So, I had to get my eyes checked today – but it was not your typical exam. I’ve been having strange happenings the past month in one eye. Having a history of a serious eye condition, I was concerned. Off to the eye doctor I go. Of course the first thing he says is I have to dilate your eyes to see what’s going on. Oh joy. One thing I dislike is dilated eyes. I hate the way it feels. I especially dislike wearing sunglasses indoors. Really, you’d think I was “all that,” decked out in fancy shades. Well, I’m not. I apologized to every person I saw after the appointment whilst running errands – just had my eyes dilated, pardon the sunglasses.

The exam was fine (thank goodness), nothing but allergies and eye migraines. Eye drops and a trip to see my regular doctor was what I was told. Works for me…and then he dropped the next bomb – “next appointment ‘we’ll need to consider” correcting your distance. Seems it’s a bit shorter than when you were here last (that would be January 2009).” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So unfair really. My eyes are elderly and I’m not…really, it’s a cruel joke

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  1. Beck
    October 17, 2009 at 4:19 pm

    The way aging happens IS really unfair. My BACK is where I feel it. Poor old back.

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