Fashion & Beauty Mag’s -How’s YOUR self-esteem?

Wow, it’s been eons since I’ve posted to my blog…bad me.

Ok, I’ll admit it; I buy fashion/beauty magazines. I buy them because I want to know what’s new and exciting in the world and how can I incorporate some of the things I see into my everyday life. I’m a realist. I’m 5’4 and rather small in stature. Not quite petite in size (I’m too long waisted), but pretty small. I’m not overweight, I’m not itsy-bitsy. I’m me. Being small in size automatically precludes me from being model material – in any form. I have long hair, beautiful eyes and lips and I could use a butt lift (thanks to genetics, I have no butt!). I work out and eat right and just like everyone I know, I’m not thrilled with a few body parts (see butt above).

Seriously though, for the most part, I’m fine with how I look, but wish I dressed a bit better. I don’t have a desire to look like the people who are modeling the clothes in the magazines I read. I’m actually looking at the outfits (or the separates) to see if a) it’s suitable for me and my lifestyle, b) cost effective (not a gazillaire here), and c) to make sure it’s not too trendy. I don’t do mega-trendy items. I find they are the things that don’t last and then you’re stuck with it when it’s no longer “the thing to have.” So, the other day at the grocery, I came across a magazine that I wanted. It was actually perfect for what I wanted – large issue with something for everyone.

So, I get the magazine home and open it – imagine my surprise when a piece of paper fell out. Not the usual umpteen subscription cards, but an actual folded piece of paper. Well, I opened it and was really shocked and quite frankly, insulted. Someone has a serious self-esteem issue and decided to push that onto whoever purchased this particular magazine.

This is what it said (and I quote):

“The whole purpose of “beauty,” fashion, and celebrity magazines
is to make you feel ugly, inadequate, and bored – (not my emphasis either) –

So you will spend all your money on the products in their ads
trying to be beautiful, exciting and interesting.

Think it will work? (It does for them. They make a killing off selling ads. And their advertisers make a killing off selling to you).

You can make your life more attractive, exciting and interesting…. (but not by buying or reading these magazines).”

Uh, excuse me, but I’m not stupid enough to think that whatever I purchase will make me a more interesting or exciting person and I truly resent being told that I am stupid. My self-esteem and ego are exactly where they should be – I’m just fine thank you very much.

I showed this to my friends and they had the same reaction – all were insulted and wanted to know who this person was to tell us how we feel when purchasing these types of magazines. We’re all intelligent, educated women. My dearest friend is the “fashion” plate of the bunch of us, but doesn’t push any of it on us. In fact, I seek out her advice all the time and she gives it…because I asked. She’s from the City, I’m from the Country – what do I know about fashion? :)

I can’t believe someone went to the trouble of typing this up, cutting sheets of paper in half and stuck this in magazines. I can’t believe someone is so insecure about how THEY might feel that THEY have to push that insecurity on someone else. What if a young lady had seen it – who might already have esteem issues, how about someone recovering from an eating disorder? Seriously, what kind of damage would this note present to someone who’s vulnerable? Shame on people who have to push their self issues and problems on others.

Now, had this topic been raised in conversation, it could have been discussed intelligently and without creating umbrage. Nope, it was done in secrecy and was done to make the reader of the magazine feel bad. Double whammy.

To all who feel like the quote above: Shame on you – either discuss it openly or don’t discuss at all. What you did was cowardly. My self esteem is just fine – how’s yours?

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