So I’m thinking…

I’m at the grocery store, after our traditional Sunday Starbuck’s run, trying to keep to the shopping list I’ve created. My husband decides (against my better judgment) that he’s going to join me in the shopping expedition. Not a good thing…really. I’m trying to keep to the list and whoops — there’s something that wasn’t on the list now in the basket, and another and another. Soon, my well-planned out week and budget has grown to things out of control.

So I’m thinking, what possesses someone to side-step another’s attempt to do the right thing. In this case, as petty as it sounds, grocery shopping. For as long as I’ve been with my husband (25 years and counting), we’ve had this battle. I do the list and meal planning, he thwarts my efforts by tossing in things that he fancies or thinks we should try. I’ve actually banned him from coming shopping with me over the years, but I guess he feels left out of the “decision- making” that goes into shopping. Who knows. It’s not like I haven’t offered (strongly suggested) that he do the grocery shopping over the years. Still waiting on him to take me up on that.

It’s kind of like when October rolls around and he starts complaining about the cold (which hasn’t happened yet). So, every year for the past 25, I faithfully ask him — where, short of the equator would you like to live? Still waiting on that reply.

I digress…

So yesterday, my well-thought out, timesaving list was a fiasco. On top of bringing three canvas bags to the car (which would have been plenty for the list of items I had), I brought an additional three paper bags (full mind you) and one plastic (don’t ask) bag – also full to the car.

Interestingly, absolutely nothing that he picked is food that I can eat…yep, all for him. Maybe he’s telling me he doesn’t like my food choices? Maybe that’s what this has always been about? Maybe he should say something or create his own damn list? :)

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