Clay Target Shooting – When it’s out of your control

I hate targets that aren’t set right and the club doesn’t care. Today was a waste of time and money. Score salvageable…just barely.

So what happens when you are in control and the targets are out of control? Targets that are spinning, that show too much face, come out parallel to the traphouse (totally illegal by the way); you would think that club management would fix things, correct? Normally, they would – they’d jump right on it. After all, we shooters are their income. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Set a good target, treat the shooters like you care, they’ll come back anytime and bring their friends. Set a bad target, treat the shooters like you don’t care, they’ll tell everyone they know not to bother.

So, I’m shooting at a local club that I haven’t been to in about 5 years. I quit shooting there because of the stupid club politics – it’s a beautiful club and they always threw good targets. Until today.

Now, I take responsibility when I’m shooting poorly (or even really bad). I can live with the score I end up as I “earned” it – good or bad…when it’s under my control…and there are days I should’ve stayed home, the scores were so bad.

Today – it was out of everyone’s control, but the management of the club. The targets were so bad, the scores were much lower than usual – even the top shooters were shooting low scores. Did club/shoot management do anything – nope. They just went blithely on their way. It took the owner of another club who was there shooting to fix a few things. Problem is the damage is/was done. For the first time that I can remember, I actually pulled out of the remaining 2 events after the first event. Yes, it was that bad.

There is a huge crowd of us that will never go back. That’s a shame since clubs all across the country are closing, whether from lack of funds, shooters, outside influences, bad service to the shooters, whatever. We can’t afford to lose clubs nowadays.

It boils down to customer service – that’s in their control. You always want your customers to happy. When they’re happy, they will tell everyone about what a great experience they had. When they’re not, they will tell everyone about what a lousy experience they had. Funny how that works – it seems the bad stuff goes around a lot faster than the good stuff.

Like I said – word of mouth is a powerful tool. I will be spreading the word that this club is no longer worth shooting at…what a shame. The targets and attitude of this club was out of my control. Fixing the problem in a timely matter, was in their control.

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